All Butter Pie Crust Video Tutorials for 5 different methods! Get a perfect flakey crust every single time!

All Butter Pie Crust Tutorial: 5 Methods {Videos}

5 different methods for making a perfect flakey, all butter pie crust that won’t shrink! Plus a video tutorial for whichever method you choose! No matter where you are or what tools you have, I’ve got you covered! A perfectly flaky, all butter pie crust (that doesn’t shrink) is as elusive as the perfect pair of jeans. BCS… 

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This Butterscotch Sauce is easy and fast! it comes together in 5 minutes and tastes so much better than caramel!

Butterscotch Sauce

Move over caramel. Butterscotch Sauce is in the hiz-ouse! (Am I cool enough to say that?) And it’s damn good. And you can make it in 5 minutes. Say what now?! I know, right?! Why have I been buying that stuff from the store that contains neither brown sugar nor butter??? Because let’s get one… 

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The Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Hand Pies will be a HUGE hit at your next party! All the flavors of Buffalo Chicken Wings in a flakey, all-butter pastry!

Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Hand Pies

These Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Hand Pies have all the flavor of buffalo chicken wings and blue cheese stuffed inside a buttery pastry baked to flakey perfection. Mmmm flakey perfection. Get it girl. Or should I say boy? Because that’s what we are celebrating here! David from Spiced is having a little baby boy, and… 

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Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Brownies

These fudgy Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Brownies are rich and chewy! Each bite has a triple dose of chocolate, a hint of banana and a swirl of peanut butter! Your new favorite way to use over-ripe bananas!  Raise your hand if you have some sad, spotty brown bananas at home. Raise your hand if… 

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These Ice Cream Cookie Stacks are easier to make than you think and sure to wow your guests! Layers of cookies and ice cream!

Ice Cream Cookie Stacks {And a Giveaway!}

Layers of ice cream stacked on top of chewy cookies make the perfect Summer dessert!  Ice cream. Summer. Parties. (Preferably with a grill or a rooftop…maybe both, but beggars can’t be choosers.) Ice cream. It’s become my mission. Now that culinary school is over (tear), there is a huge void in my life where all… 

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Roasted Honey Orange Brussels Sprouts Wild Rice Salad - An easy, healthy and filling meal!

Roasted Honey Orange Brussels Sprouts Wild Rice Salad

Crispy roasted honey Brussels sprouts and leaks are tossed with wild rice, kale, feta cheese and a honey orange dressing for the perfect side dish or meal! These roasted Brussels sprouts and leeks are my everything right now. I can eat an entire pan without blinking. The crispy pieces of honey leek and Brussels sprouts… 

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Culinary School Update 4 - Blown sugar fish

Culinary School Update: Part 4

Disclaimer: This post is not for the faint of heart or short on time! I may have outdone myself. With the word-count I started writing this post over a month ago when school had slowed considerably and I was having trouble adjusting to the new pace. It was like someone slammed on the breaks when… 

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You will love this Coconut Mango Tart! It is fresh and perfect for Summer!

Coconut Mango Tart {Giveaway!}

Every bite of this Coconut Mango Tart is packed with juicy, sweet mangos, smooth cream cheese filling and crumbly coconut crust. The flavors and textures will have you digging in for more! I have a mango problem. A “see mango, eat mango” problem. My first mangos were in Hong Kong; they were so ripe and juicy, I… 

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In these Lemon Coconut Cupcakes a moist coconut cupcake that is made with both dried coconut and coconut milk is filled with lemon curd and then topped with a coconut Italian Meringue Buttercream. And then topped off with some more toasted coconut.

Lemon Coconut Cupcakes {Italian Meringue Buttercream}

These Lemon Coconut Cupcakes have a moist coconut cake, a sweet, tart lemon curd filling and are topped with a lemon Italian meringue buttercream! Lemon, coconut, Spring, cupcakes… Look me straight in the face and tell me that lemon and yellow don’t make you instantly happy. That’s what I thought. Insta-sunshine As I was photographing… 

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Culinary School Update Part 3 : Marble Pound Cake

Culinary School Update: Part 3

Eight whole weeks have passed since my last culinary school post. 8 weeks; 118 recipes and 21 pounds of butter (which is actually not a lot of butter, by the way). I’m not going to tell you where all that butter went. This is a safe space. I have both so much to say and… 

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An easy to follow Italian Meringue Buttercream Tutorial! My favorite frosting made super simple!

Italian Meringue Buttercream Tutorial

A step-by-step Italian Meringue Buttercream tutorial! It is the smoothest and creamiest of all the buttercreams! You will love it on cakes, cupcakes and more! Plus it’s easier than you think! In culinary school we made 5 different types of buttercream, but Italian Meringue Buttecream is my favorite! It has a lighter texture and taste… 

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