Blog Love

I had been reading / devouring food blogs for years before ever venturing to start one of my own, so I have developed quite an extensive list of blogs I follow!

But these are a few of my favorites (in no particular order): the ones I go to for inspiration, witty content, consistent results, and yummy images.


The Little Box Brownie – Sophia’s blog is inspirational: the photos, the recipes, the photos! She has an enviable collection of vintage food props and she has a knack for picking the perfect ones to compliment her dishes.

Julia’s Album – I’ve been following Julia ever since she started because of her accessible recipes and sensational photos!

The Cooking Actress – Kayle can always make me smile with her candid blogging style, and her food is to die…

Crazy for Crust – I am crazy for Dorothy! Her photos are mouthwateringly beautiful, she is open and honest, and I know if she baked it, it will be sensational!

Inspiration Kitchen – Kristi is ridiculous. In the best way. Her photos are inspiring and her recipes are inspired. Love.

The Brown Eyed Baker –  Michelle only posts sinfully sweet goodies and I LOVE IT! I know that if she posted it, it will be delicious!

A Pinch Of Yum – Lindsay has built an empire and it’s beyond inspirational! Her photography is breathtaking and her writing style pulls you in and keeps you there.

My Baking Addiction – I want to make everything Jamie bakes. Everything. I try to resist for my waistline’s sake.

Whipped – Kristina is adorable and she often says just what I am thinking before I even know I’m thinking it. Honestly, I don’t know how that happens. She also intersperses healthier bites with her indulgent treats! Love.

Tracey’s Culinary Adventures – This was the first blog that I started following and I have loved every single thing that I’ve made. Tracy only posts the best and, for that, I am incredibly grateful! I am also loving her new re-designed site!

Mad About Maida – Philip introduced me to Maida Heatter and I have been hooked ever since. I’m not going to disclose how many of her cookbooks I own…that’s personal. 😉

Jo Cooks – I recently found this blog and I’m hooked.

Averie Cooks – Averie consistently makes mindblowingly amazing sweet treats. Her cookies are soft and chewy and her brownies are to die for. Sinfully good site.

I should stop before this gets too overwhelming…

Just one more…

Beyond Frosting –  Julianne makes the most mouthwatering treats ever. I mean EVER. I only recently found her site and I’m addicted. I mean look at these! To. Die. For.