Hungarian Chicken Paprikas with Homemade Spaetzle

Traditional Hungarian Chicken Paprikas and Homemade Spaetzle

This post is for all of you who are still enduring the longest and coldest winter ever! My heart goes out to you. Buuuut Hungarian Chicken Paprikas will make it all better. Promise. Rich and creamy and surprisingly easy to prepare –this is chicken at its best.  This is the quintessential Hungarian dish. When I… 

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Authentic Hungarian Walnut Rolls

Hungarian Walnut Rolls

These traditional Hungarian Walnut Rolls are technically a Christmas cookie but I like to think of them as a Make-Any-Day-Better cookie. These Hungarian specialties are another one of my Husband’s favorite cookies from childhood. They utilize the same cream cheese dough as the Hungarian Apricot Kolaches but they taste remarkably different. When I first tasted them… 

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Apricot Kolaches – A Traditional Hungarian Christmas Cookie

Traditional Hungarian Apricot Kolaches | My Hungarian husband's favorite Christmas Cookie recipe! He says they taste just like his grandma used to make!

I had other (healthier) plans for today’s post but these little, two-bite Hungarian Christmas Cookies (Kiffles / Kolaches) are just too good not to share immediately! So good, in fact, there were barely enough left to photograph this morning! [Oops] Sweet, crispy and addicting, these Apricot Kolaches are sensational! The apricot filling is just the… 

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